Monday, May 7, 2012

Harvest Monday - May 7, 2012

Lettuce, bok choy, green onions, strawberries, and broccoli raab thinnings.

My Early May Garden 

Three year old carrot seeds in Earthbox are sprouting,  it's about 75% germination.
These are small round Parisian Market and Little Fingers.

Tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers were transplanted 3 weeks ago, all the tomato plants are blooming now, in the past I pinched off flower buds in early stage of growth, but I'm not doing that this year see if I can get some early fruits, maybe I'll get ONE tomato for our July 4th salad :P

 In this bed I have chrysanthemum greens, celtuce, red white and yellow beets.
This is the first time I grow white beets, they look like regular white chard.

Broccoli raab and lettuce.

Garlic and bok choy.

Sugar snap peas are filling up the half barrel.

Red potatoes growing in smart pots are coming up,
it's so much easier to hill up and harvest the spuds later (lazy gardener here).

Mioga ginger is moving up in the housing department, they lived in containers last year.
The roots survived our winter outdoor unprotected and woke up (whew~~ relief..),

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions drop by to see more garden harvests from around the globe. 


  1. Very impressive harvest, you are way, way ahead of us. What are the green collars around the tomatoes? You have such a variety of things growing and all doing so well. My ginger is not doing anything, still the same size.

  2. Norma,
    Thank you.
    Those green collars are bottomless grow pot, it's easier to water from the outside collar so water don't splash onto the leaves.

    My regular ginger is not doing much either, it's not warm enough for them, but the Japanese ginger loves cool temp, they are growing in leaps and bounds so much ahead of the regular kitchen variety.

  3. I have some of those square supports and now I think I need more of them. I've never seen the bottomless grow pots before. Saves water, too.

    What a beautiful garden.

  4. What an amazing harvest! And you're growing ginger?! Wonderful! Where did you get it from? I would absolutely love to try to grow some ginger!

  5. Nice harvest. I had to look up mioga ginger since I hadn't heard of it before. You will have to show us how you use it in the kitchen.

  6. It all looks fabulous. How does Japanese ginger differ from the usual ginger? Taste wise I mean.

  7. Now you tell me about the Japanese ginger! LOL! I am trying to grow some regular ginger in a pot for the first time this year and since we do not get really warm around here - do not have my expectations up on success. Sounds like the Japanese ginger might be a better candidate for me.

    Your pac choi and lettuces are particularly nice looking. And your garden - wow! Beautiful.

  8. Patricia,
    Thanks. I try to grow vertically due to lack of space, those tall cages help a lot. I bought the grow pots from a Canadian company, I like them because water and fertilizer go directly to the roots here's the link to Lee Valley:,47236

    Bee Girl,
    Yes, I'm growing 2 different varieties of ginger. The last picture is Japanese ginger grown for its flower buds use raw or pickled in sushi, salad, and other garnishes.
    The other is regular ginger use in cooking or pickled. I bought the roots at a local market and let them sprout before planting the roots in soil. So far they haven't done much growing, one or two sprouts barely prick through the soil.

    I'll do a post on mioga ginger later when I gather enough photos to document its growth, harvest, and usage.

    Mioga is grown for its flower buds use for pickle and garnish, the rhizome is not edible. The flower bud has a mild sweet ginger taste and fragrance, if you search "mioga" within my blog you'll see a picture of it.

    I think you can grow both gingers at where you are, it's just that regular ginger roots take a while to get going, whereas JP ginger can tolerate cold better.
    I got my starts from here:

  9. I will have to remember that mioga ginger! Maybe next year. I put a couple ginger roots in a pot a couple weeks ago; waiting to see what happens. What a varied and lovely garden you have!

  10. Mary,
    Thanks. Ginger roots likes semi shade or filtered light, it takes a while for them to get going, it tests your patience.

  11. You said that you are growing vertically due to lack of space---just when I was admiring all the space that your tomatoes enjoy. LOL. Glad to see that you are growing potatoes in grow pots. Me too. I don't get anywhere near the 50 lb harvests that the manufacturers claim. More like three lbs for me. But I still love them.

  12. Bok choy... could that be what the Japanese people call 'Shangtung sai', I wonder... and mioga ginger... hmmm, perhaps I should try to grow them...

  13. Lou,
    I love to use those ugly smart pots for potatoes, they make life so much easier. I got approx 5 lbs per container, no where near 50 lbs.

    There are so many varieties of bok choy. "Shangtung sai" is one of them.
    I bet mioga ginger would do well in your area. Are you anywhere near Osaka? Mioga grows well for my friend in that region.