Monday, April 30, 2012

Harvest Monday - April 30, 3012

Bok choy, lettuce, green garlic, and first strawberry.

Shanghai bok choy and one asparagus.

 I have to pull all the bolting spring planted mustard greens and red choysum.
I'm still working on how to grow these two veggies,
they always bolt on me no matter when I plant them,
any suggestion when and how to plant?

 White garlic chives.

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  1. This year just seems to be a bad year for bolting! It's been so hot. We are already loosing our spinach and Swiss chard and we haven't had a chance to eat half of it yet!! :(

    Have you tried a fall planting of your mustard greens? We usually have pretty good luck avoiding bolting if we plant in the fall.

  2. I wish my bok choy was looking that good. I harvested a bit today. But mine is a bit insect eaten.

  3. Stoney,
    I've tried to grow mustard greens in fall-winter, they bolted. I think the issue might be the type of mustard, I know they come in many different varieties, I'll have to keep trying and find one that's suitable for our climate.

    I lucked out this time, my bok choy is not always bug free.

  4. Yum, your bok choy looks wonderful. I don't know why, but I didn't even think about purchasing those seeds this year. I really should have, because I love the flavor!

  5. your greens are so pretty; most of mine are long gone with the heat!

  6. Lovely vegetables composition, so artistically arranged. All the veggies looks so fresh and healthy. Was going to blanch my Chinese chives but never got into the garden to do so, may be this week.

  7. Your Bok choy looks just perfect. Mine is a slug eaten mess unfortunately.

  8. Prairie Cat,
    Those green stem bok choy are very easy to grow, hope you try it someday.

    Yep, it's heating up fast, I'm going to try growing some greens in semi- shade this year and see if they can make it.

    A friend told me she paid $10 for a pound of white chives in NYC. Ouch~~
    Hope you feel better and get around to blanch the chives before the temp heats up.

  9. Liz,
    Sorry about the slugs, maybe they will go away with the cooler weather?

  10. Lovely vegetable floral arrangement you have there! Ohhh the greens look very pretty.

  11. Your harvest pictures are always so beautiful and inspiring.

    I have had some springs where my asian greens grew beautifully, but most end up bolting before they get properly sized. Last year was a good year for them but it was an abnormally cold and wet spring. I would rather have the normal spring we are having and have the greens bolt, actually.

  12. MK girl,
    Thank you.

    Thanks, one thing good about growing Asian greens is that the bolted greens all taste good, in fact the central flower stalk is the best tasting part of the greens IMO.