Monday, January 9, 2012

Harvest Monday - January 9, 2012

Happy new year, sorry I've been MIA the past several weeks, I need someone to hit me on the head to snap out of winter doldrums.  I'm posting couple pictures from last year end and the new year harvests.

 2011 year end harvest -- green meat daikon, carrots, and napa cabbage.


 2012 new year harvest -- napa cabbage and piracicaba broccoli shoots.

 Garlic for 2012 -- Shangdong and Xian were in good condition, I finally got them planted, whew~
 the Spanish Rojas didn't keep as well as the other two, I will not be growing it again.

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  1. That's a great looking harvest for so early in the year. That cabbage looks good enough to eat!! :)

  2. Beautiful as always! I think it's ok to take a break from the yard and the blog from time to time. Just like a fever spikes and cools, so for me does the gardening bug!

  3. Stoney,
    Thank you, the cabbage is sweet this time of year.

    It's so true, once the fever cools down it might take a while to return to regular blogging again.
    Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Glad you are back. Great looking napa as usual. Where did you get your Shandong and Xian garlic?

  5. Norma,
    I bought the Shandong and Xian garlic from

  6. You really are the master of producing beautiful heads of Napa Cabbages! Those carrots are mighty fine looking too. ;D

  7. Glad you did get motivated enough to post these lovely veg - you've reminded me that my dad promised me some Chinese cabbage seedlings.....I can't imagine they'll look like your Napa's though.

  8. kitsapFG, Liz,
    I've trialed 3 different varieties of heading cabbage last year, they were given the same nutrients and same growing environment, only "Charm" produced a solid head, Kasumi formed a loose head, and cabbage #3 did not head up at all. I've come to think maybe it's the seeds that make the difference, maybe I'm wrong.

  9. Mac, nice looking harvest. Haven't grown any napa cabbage lately. The last I did we had so much rain it rotted before I could pick it and this past summer would have been the same results. I know about not blogging much, I have had the same problem. Also I have nothing to harvest but snow.

  10. The napa cabbage looks quite gigantic... imagine it to taste good in soups...

  11. Beautiful cabbage. My memory (which is often wrong) says you are in zone 5 or 6. How in the world do you harvest napa cabbage in January?

  12. wilderness,
    Napa grows better for me in the fall, I don't have luck growing spring-summer crop, I think they are daylight sensitive.

    Yes, I've been making lots of napa with tofu soup lately.

    The napa was matured enough to harvest since Thanksgiving, I kept it under cover until after the new year to test for cold tolerance. It can take temps in teens and few days of single digits.

  13. Your harvest looks wonderful! Good luck on your garlic.


  14. I know the MIA feeling at this time year. Your produce looks wonderful! I'm gonna have to grow more for a winter harvest next year also. I only planted garlic and shallots in late fall but last year I got some fantastic shallots and garlic in early June-biggest yet. I think lots of spring crops grow better here in NM in the fall because it get so warm so quickly once spring is done and we have longer, more consistently cooler days in the fall.Your cabbage looks fantastic! Where did you get you cabbage? Seeds or starts?

  15. Lynns,
    Thanks, I need all the luck I can get, it's kinda late to plant garlic.

  16. Janine,
    I didn't get around to plant my garlic last fall, hope it will work out this year, otherwise I'll have to buy new garlic next year.

    I bought the napa cabbage seeds from an Asian grocery store, it's the only napa that heads up nicely for me, all others are hit and miss variety.

  17. I also grew Spanish Rojas last year and they definitely didn't last as long as I would of liked. So I'm trying some hardneck and softneck this year to extend the longevity of them into winter. I read the hardnecks are more flavorful but softnecks last longer. So I'm try some of of both. We will see...