Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beets with Grilled Shrimp and Bacon Salad

Ingredients -- lettuce, roasted red and yellow beets, grilled shrimp, and bacon.
Dressing -- raspberry and walnut vinaigrette.


  1. Oh yum, does that look good. I love the whole little baby beets. Last night we had roasted beets with chunks of leftover salmon over grilled asparagus and a meyer lemon caper dressing. I have to try the beet and shrimp combo next time.

  2. Looks delicious!! I love how you used a lot of your harvest in that salad!

  3. That looks delicious. I am growing both red and yellow beets this year for the first time. I am bookmarking this salad recipe and can't wait to try it.

  4. I love roasted beets sliced up in salads and this one is so pretty with the red and gold beets in it. I may have to add some golden beets to the planting list next year.

  5. michelle,
    Yum~~grilled salmon and asparagus is a stable on our dinner menu, I'll have to try your meyer lemon and caper dressing, salty and tangy sound so good with seafood.

    Thanks, I was trying to free up some space in the refrigerator before the produce are spoiled.

    The salad is pretty filling, you might like it.

    Oh please try the golden beets, they are much milder and less earthy tone than the red variety, we love it.

  6. I have had such bad luck with beets, I did not try this year for the spring but think I might plant for the fall.

  7. That looks delicious if I can pretend the beets are kohlrabi or something. lol I so wish I liked beets as they are just too pretty.

  8. johanna,
    Good luck with your beets coming fall season.

    It took me a while to eat beets, I started with pickled beets and like it. I started to grow beets last year for fun, but someone has to eat them, so I tried roasted baby beets and like them. I don't like store bought beets, they are too big and has earthy taste to them, homegrown baby beets don't seem to have that problem.