Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rubies and Gold 黃金紅寶石

Overripe White Bitter Melon

The fruit was hidden way down at the bottom of the trellis covered with leaves, and I didn't see it in time to harvest. I don't know the seeds I am growing now were OP or hybrid seeds because they were gifts from friends, I'm crossing my fingers they are OP so the next generation can be grown true.

I am not enthusiastic about saving seeds from homegrown vegetables, but I'll save these and grow them next Summer to see what will become of them out of curiosity. There won't be cross pollination issues because the other bitter melon variety is growing at a different location miles away, and I'm the only one in the neighborhood growing this vegetable, so it's safe to keep the seeds.


  1. don't forget save me some!
    I have two same plants(which were my last two seeds) growing none of them setting any fruit yet due to the weather,>""<

  2. Mac,
    Please save some bitter melon seeds for me too. actually, it is for my sister. Please don't send to me right away. I may have few other seeds which I may want. Thanks in advance.

  3. Calvin
    OK e your list when you're ready.