Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Overview Melons

French Charentais Melon (OP) --- Botanical Interest Seeds 2009
Let your nose be your guide when harvesting this melon,
the vine will not slip from the fruit when it is ripe.

It tends to crack open at the bottom if not pick in time.

Harvested a day too late!

It's still good, fragrant and sweet.

This is a hybrid Charentais Melon,
the vine will slip from the fruit when ripe,
and it will not crack at the bottom. It is less fragrant,
but I cannot tell the difference in texture or taste.

Sierra Gold Cantaloupe --- Ferry Morse Seeds 2009
The sweetest melon grown in 2009, maybe it had something
to do with growing in EB with consistent moisture and nutrients,
and I withheld water several days before harvest
which caused it to concentrate its flavor in the fruit.
(Just guessing, I could be wrong.)


  1. These melons look perfect! I can't wait to grow charentais melons this year.

  2. 看得我口水滴滴滴滴滴ㄚ! 我那sprinkle 在房子蓋好後會全改成 dripping, 看看是否種得出甜瓜?!

  3. Tahai,
    Drip 比較省水和少白粉病﹐可是澆水範圍比sprinkler小。

  4. Hello. I live in Mohave Valley and just found your blog from Daphne's Dandelions blog.

    I am a novice desert gardener. Where are you located?

  5. Hello Kim,
    Welcome and thanks for dropping by.
    I'm located in north central NM, a small town outside of Albuquerque.

    So you're at the borderline of NV and AZ? It's quite a challenge to garden in desert environment, what are you growing in your garden this time of the year?

  6. Mac, Right now I'm growing a variety of lettuces, and mesclun, kale and broccoli, just planted more lettuce, radishes and carrots, sweet and snap peas, red and golden beets and more swiss chard.

    I'm impressed by your melons! I tried melons last summer and had no luck at all. I have a really hard time with all the cucurbits, actually.

    The other thing I have trouble with here is BEANS! Ain't that somethin? I grew beans very successfully in Yuma, but here, they just keel over.

    I'm thinking about relocating to the Flagstaff/Williams area. What is your elevation? The summers here are just too hot for me.

  7. could I forget? We are also growing Tomatoes in a small south facing bed protected like a little greenhouse. We have great success here with the cherry types, especially yellow pear, YEAH!

  8. Oh, and Mac, I wanted to ask you what "EB" means?

  9. Kim
    Awww~~~you have tomatoes and peas? I had a bad time with tomatoes last year, and the year before (2008) I didn't get any beans, every year is different for me, wonder what would be next.

    I'm at elevation 5500, much lower than Flagstaff, we get some snow in the winter, but that's nothing compare to the midwest and the northeast.

    Last year was the first time I grow melons, it was beginner's luck I suppose. I grew them in half whiskey barrels and earthboxes (self-watering containers). I had a good harvest, they were tastier and sweeter than store bought melons.

    Here's the url to Earthbox (EB):