Friday, August 8, 2008

Salsa Fresca

This is our family's all time favorite salsa,
I make gallons of this every Summer
taking advantage of homegrown tomatoes.
It is serve with grilled meats, tortilla chips,
tacos, burritos, or you can use it as salad topping.
Some people consume the salsa as is by the bowl,
feel free to experiment, you might like it.

Diced: tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeno peppers
Minced: garlic
Season with: lime juice and salt


  1. MAC
    一直想弄SALSA 來吃,但太懶就買現成的。就是覺得cilantro不夠多,真因像你自己做。

  2. Mac: Yum__________________my!!

    I may need to make TONS of this at the of this summer. >_<.

    Count me in ,when you want to start this sharing seeds program next time.

  3. Dear Mac...

    我也要Gallons of Salsa 啦!!!好吃好吃...

  4. pf, Web
    Seed exchange--OK我們三個for now.

    新鮮salsa香菜一定要多,不然沒味,吃過fresh salsa 以後你不會再買什麼瓶瓶罐罐salsa了,(bad girl Mac)


    自家種的番茄無論那種都比外面買的甜和多汁,因為商家都是摘未熟青的用gas讓它變紅,所以它們顏色一致,皮漂亮,size大小一樣,青番茄結實硬,經得起長途旅行和買客百摸不軟啊,that's why store bought tomatoes are tasteless, 自家的沒那麼好看,irregular size and color, 多摸幾次就軟塌塌的,就算摘半熟的放室內熟也比買的甜和多汁。說味道嘛紅的我家喜歡Brandywine,黑的喜歡Black Krim,長型意大利種喜歡San Remo,不然San Marzano也好,上面的salsa就是用SM做的。

  5. 就讓我也來做一大盆先!


    how about this one?

  6. Shar,
    Roodo is fine, I can see it, are you going to use it or you're continuing with Wretch?

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    Which one of your blog should I go visit now?

  7. I'm determined leaving Wretch,because my neice was with me passed three week, I've no chance to use my PC!
    Now she gone I can have my Pc back ,thanks GOD!!!
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    I did have an account with Blogger,but setting look funny after I upload piccs to it!
    It had a load of space in the righthand side! can't change it!
    ...give up..!
    or you go have a look it's funny?
    or tell me what u think!