Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fresh Red Chili Sauce 新鮮紅辣椒醬

Fresh hot pepper sauce

Web and I discussed about making
fresh chili sauce sometime ago. I forgot what she said
about how she make her red hot pepper sauce
except it is delicious. But I vaguely remember
some ingredients she mentioned, so here's my version.

Hot peppers---coarsely chopped in food processor
Fermented black beans---whole, rinsed & towel dried
Liquor---your favorite choice, about 2 tbsp
Cooking oil---your choice, I used canola
Sesame oil---about 20% of cooking oil
Salt to taste

Heat oil to stir fry garlic and black beans until fragrant.
Add chopped hot peppers, salt, and liquor
cook on medium low heat until
the peppers become mushy and saucy,
remove hot sauce from heat and
stir in sesame oil, let cool and bottle.

If you make large amount of this sauce for later use
don't forget to add enough oil to top off the sauce
and to prevent spoilage.


  1. Dear Mac


  2. Mac:
    還喜歡嗎? 拿這個,用在我家今晚的瓠瓜水餃(你種的那種squash)的沾醬上多好!!
    再跟大蒜,黑豆鼓(all optional)混,裝罐.
    油燒到溫溫熱, chua 的倒入上面的東東裡去
    你說的沒錯,這個東東只要一直保持有油封, 放在冰箱裡大半年以上都不會長霉花壞掉.

  3. Mac buddy
    這紅油看了真誘人! 那小碟子也可愛極了.

    Dear Mac and Web
    看你倆辣椒醬、 豆瓣醬做得不亦樂乎, 我已在後悔今年辣椒種太少了. 偏偏G又常常忘記替我採收, 上回去鄉下, 一看辣椒樹上掛了許多辣椒乾. 昏倒! 人家吃芒果要吃"在欉黃", 我家卻有"在欉乾"的紅辣椒.

  4. I love them 'Fresh hot pepper sauce',especially with made with black beans!

  5. Folks,
    Still waiting for the Chinese program to come.

    Right, sprinkle on some Sezhuen peppercorn powder would do.
    Are you familiar with Australia's NJStar? I called them last week to inquire about their Chinese program--I don't understand the salesman's English, I switched to Chinese, I still don't quite get what he said; but I took a chance and ordered their program anyway.

    Oh yeah, it's definitely much better than store bought.瓠瓜水餃 yummmmmm....
    I forgot 切碎的辣椒跟鹽,烈酒先醃 part. I'll have to try it again when I return from CA. Fall is coming, the chili are ripening fast, the more I pick the more they produce. I cannot keep up with the production, but I won't yank them out like I did with tomatoes, because hot peppers can be dried at room temp without further processing, and it's no trouble at all.

    欉乾紅辣椒 good ya, crush them up for "guei lin" hot pepper sauce #1 neh. I'm leaving for CA's eating party coming weekend. I'm pretty sure I'll have 欉乾辣椒 and 欉乾 everything when I return; all my seedlings, leafy greens, and all container plants are goners. It happens every time I leave home!

  6. Shar,
    Try Web's recipe, no cooking at all, delish.........

  7. Mac:
    請你比較一下, 你這篇的作法跟我說的作法的成品,是不是你原來作法的辣椒醬比較辣? 還有你家比較喜歡那一種作法的辣椒醬?

  8. Web,

  9. Web,
    你的辣椒醬做好了﹐鹹香脆﹐我喜歡﹐兩種醬我都喜歡﹐風味不同﹐吃法不同, 兩種醬都是用Fresno Red, 煮過的比較辣。

  10. Mac:麻煩你把老墨的鮮青醬的作法說清楚一些,我好照著做,我收了不少青辣椒,可以做上一罐了.

  11. Web,
    1. Jalapeno & garlic--finely mince in food processor.
    2. Season with lime/lemon juice & salt.
    That's it, or you can put everything into the food processor. It will keep in the frig for about a week or so.