Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sweet Basil

Love the scent of basil flowers, I purposely
let some basils bolt and use the stalks
as cut flowers in the kitchen.
The other flowers are French lavender.

Pesto time

Basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil,
pine nuts/walnuts, garlic.
Put above ingredients into a food processor
and pulse to the consistency you prefer,
add freshly grated cheese: Reggiano/Romano/Parmesan*
sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste.

*Cheese do not freeze well,
do not add cheese if you plan to freeze the pesto;
instead, garnish with cheese after you made the dish.


  1. Dear Mac

    好多Sweet Basil啊...這下又可以做很多Pesto,我等著吃蛤 ^o^

  2. ++
    OK, Mickey 背去AU, 請黑仔接牠啊。