Friday, June 15, 2007

Berry EZ 容易做的莓果凍

6 cups mixed berries 各種顏色莓

½ lemon juice 檸檬汁

2 cups pomegranate juice 火石榴汁*

½ cup sugar

2 envelopes plain gelatin吉利丁

1. In a sauce pan soften gelatin and sugar in 1 cup of pomegranate juice.

2. When gelatin and sugar are dissolved, remove from heat; add the remaining cup of juice and squeeze ½ of a lemon juice into mixture; set aside.

3. Clean berries and put them into a loaf pan or other container; pour gelatin mixture into the container and pad down; cover and chill until firm.

*也可用紅莓汁 (you may also use cranberry juice)

Serve with whipped cream, crème fraiche, ice cream, or sorbet.

Recipe adapted from (靈感來自) Lori Longbotham’s Berry Desert book.


  1. Dear Mac,
    真巧, 想買一個做 terrine 的模子, 剛好看到這個美美的莓果凍, 謝謝妳的分享, 美極了, 我夏天最喜歡吃 terrine, 在巴黎的時候會買一個看起來喜歡的, 就著麵包和飲料就這麼野餐了, 太棒...

  2. Dear Mac


  3. 真好!田園好快就会有好多草莓& raspberry摘!隔家田又有red currents & gooseberries,可全放進去做你這個鮮果凍

  4. Blue, ++
    多吃兩塊吧,terrine 真的很方便也簡單。

    You asked about loaf pans and molds. I used a loaf pan. I like removable bottom pans by Kaiser, made in Germany. I have some professional grade cake pans by Nordic Ware and Chicago Metals. I've used glass terrine mold before, it looked pretty but not practical. I ended up giving them away. The thicker metal pans are more useful and practical IMO.


  5. Dear Mac 姐姐,
    多謝啦 ~ 我 baking 的模子不多, 不過 professional degree 的確實好用, 等有控點來找找. QQQ~

    還有一個問題要請問金手指 Mac, 我家的玫瑰正開得美美的可是發現被那種小小的像金龜子一樣的蟲吃, 它們吃花心吃花葉, 而且成群結隊的吃, 讓我又氣又心疼. 我不想買化學的噴劑, Tahai 建議噴辣椒水, 還有其他有效的防蟲法嗎?

  6. Blue,
    Try a mixture of crushed garlic, tobasco sauce and tobacco. Soak everything in a container for couple days; strain and dilute the solution with water. How much water to dilute depending on how strong the solution is. Use a light mixture first, spray every other day; then increase the strength gradually if you don't see any improvement. If all fail and there's no other choice, you might have to use Ortho's "Rose Pride" and follow the directions on the label, good luck.